Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Jack-Booted Thug(s) of the Week...

... is sadly another tied contest:

1.  New York City Housing Officer David London took it upon himself in July 2008 to beat Walter Harvin, an Iraqi war veteran who happened to be visiting his mother at her public housing complex, nearly to death with his official baton (including delivering blows while Harvin was already handcuffed) solely because the victim, who apparently suffers from PTSD, refused to show London any ID.

"Officer" London then filed an official report that, strangely enough, didn't quite jibe with security cam footage of the incident:

London was then charged with "second-degree assault, filing false records, falsifying business records and making a false written statement."  

"Officer London said he thought Mr. Harvin was about to punch him, and he continued to strike Mr. Harvin while he was on the ground because he continued to thrash around and yell threats."

If someone was striking us with a baton while we were lying handcuffed on the ground, we'd be yelling threats as well.

Sadly, London on Monday was acquitted of all charges in Manhattan State Supreme Court, apparently mostly due to the fact that Harvin has disappeared as a result of his mental illness and his family and prosecutors can't seem to locate him.

The bully officer still faces departmental sanctions over his disgraceful actions, according to the story; it seems the police brass there know what kind of a thug cop they have on their hands.

2.  "A veteran NYPD detective was arrested in Albany for stalking an 11-year-old girl on her way to school and asking her three times if she wanted to make money, police said."

We're starting to think there's something's in that city's police station water coolers.

"The handcuffed cop never once said he was an NYPD detective. It was not until law enforcement officials analyzed his fingerprints that they learned what [Deodhram] Singh does for a living."

Boy, if "Officer" Singh didn't even try to play the "flash your badge to get out of trouble" game, he must have really known his goose was cooked.

"Terrified, [the victim] ran to her grandparents' home nearby. As she neared the home, Singh again interrogated her, asking, 'Are you young?' and 'Do you want to make $100?' cops said."

What an absolute scumbag.

Have fun with the winning combination of being both a disgraced former cop as well as a child molester in prison if you're convicted, Deodhram.

3.  A Texas homeowner was arrested by Sealy Police Sergeant Justin Alderete last year because the man dared to take a picture of Alderete in his own house when the officer entered the man's dwelling without permission while responding to a noise complaint: 

"The sergeant asked [Francisco] Olvera for identification. When Olvera went inside his home to grab his ID, Sgt. Alderete followed him inside. Believing the officer didn't have a right to enter his home without permission, Olvera picked up his cellphone and took a photo of the officer. At that point, the lawsuit states, Alderete accused Olvera of 'illegal photography' and arrested him."

Do we even have to mention the news that Olvera was acquitted of the bogus charges against him and is now suing the Sealy PD?

We didn't think so. 

4.  This one's almost too weird and sickening to believe, but there is apparently some legitimate evidence to support the victim's accusations:

"Three additional police officers have been named today in the lawsuit involving the alleged anal-cavity search of a Middletown [Connecticut] man.

Sgt. Richard Davis, Officer Daniel Schreiner, Officer Jason Tetrault and Officer Lee Buller [along with Michael Lukanik and Acting Chief Patrick McMahon] are accused of allegedly discriminating against and unnecessarily probing the rectum of 32-year-old Alexander Cotto on Jan. 12."

During a traffic stop for a broken headlight.  Cotto was given several tickets for traffic violations and sent on his way, although allegedly with a very sore rear end.

The victim did indeed seek medical attention right after the incident, which would seemingly back up his claim of abuse at the hands of the officers, no pun intended:

"Immediately following the incident, Cotto was admitted to the emergency room at Middlesex Hospital complaining of “rectal bleeding” and being “jabbed” in the rectum, said Emanuel Cicchiello, attorney with Cicchiello & Cicchiello, the law firm representing Cotto."

We're speechless about this one, and that doesn't happen very often.

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