Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Caucasian illegal immigrants get deported. Stop the presses.

A white woman from Russia who lived in this country illegally for 20 years or so has been arrested in Michigan and was subsequently deported.  Her son, who has also been here against the law since he was 2, appears to be headed for the same fate

Neither happen to be of  Hispanic origin, which tends to belie the current wisdom among a hysterical few that America's immigration laws are cynically being applied in a racist manner only to brown people who speak Spanish.  It just so happens that many more of the latter are here at any one time, which skews the enforcement numbers.

We don't care what color you are or if you're originally from Latin America, China, Ireland, the Caribbean or in this case Russia and Eastern Europe.  If you're here illegally you run the risk of being nabbed and sent back from whence you came along with any children you made the decision to bring with you.

It's truly sad and unfortunate that Ivan Nikolov may in fact be sent back to a country he doesn't remember.  The sole blame for this turn of events, however, rests with his mom, not the U.S. government's long-ignored enforcement of the rules about coming here and certainly not U.S. citizens for wanting their borders to be controlled.

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