Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The wake-up call commences

Today was Election Day in Arizona for the party primaries.

We enthusiastically voted for Republican Governor Jan Brewer because of her brave and principled signing of illegal immigration and gun rights legislation earlier this year.  She is expected to easily win nomination for her first direct election as governor

We also reluctantly supported J.D. Hayworth over John McCain for U.S. Senate.  Hayworth may have his problems but he is at least rock-solid on the above issues, unlike the weaselly incumbent who diametrically changes his positions far too often for our taste.  Example - McCain supported a basically complete illegal alien amnesty with Ted Kennedy as recently as 2007, but is now talking tough and assuring us that he simply wants to "complete the danged fence".  Well, which is it, sir?

McCain appears poised to pull out the win, but he had to spend over 20 million dollars to do so.

Pay attention, John.

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