Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chicago-style thug politics at its finest on public display

Congresswoman Melissa Bean D(aley wannabe)-IL, has apparently learned the thuggish political tactics of the martinets who rule the cesspool of Chicago quite well if the following video is any indication.  It was shot by one of her constituents at a citizen meeting at a public library:

Bean on at least two occasions hounds the man to turn off the camera, and we soon observe why she wishes for him to do so when a large man is repeatedly dispatched to aggressively and threateningly stand directly over people who are doing nothing more than politely daring to speak up against the socialist agenda being rammed down their throats.

King Emperor Mayor-for-Life Richard Daley or "naked locker room bully" Rahm Emanuel couldn't have done a better job of intimidating voters and suppressing open debate.

Had ol' Mongo there dared to loom over us at a public meeting in such a fashion he would very quickly and forcefully have found out the legal defenses against menacing and assault apply to him as well.

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