Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Way They Were

"Barbara Streisand Skips Democratic Fundraiser"

One starring President Obama himself that the self-styled diva was supposed to be co-hosting in L.A. last night, and which apparently had the side effect of gridlocking the entire city.  That'll endear him to those residents for sure.

My, how the support is peeling off from Dear Leader, whose desperate new campaign slogan (even though he's not currently running for anything) appears to be "Let's reach for hope".

Well, there's certainly some "reaching" going on (on a number of levels), we'll give him that.


Bike Bubba said...

Politicians who use government facilities for raising funds ought to repay the costs, period. Tell Dear Leader that he owes the public $40,000 per hour that he had Air Force One flying to this little shindig.

Andrew said...

I wonder whether Babs paid anyway and just couldn't be bothered to show.

Word verification: "salsayes" - what I always say at Mexican restaurants.