Friday, September 17, 2010


Another day, another unconstitutional bypass of the Congressional approval process by Dear Leader and his merry band of societal changers, this time related to their creation of an entirely new government bureaucracy designed to artificially control the nation's financial industry.

Instead of appointing controversial nominee Elizabeth Warren to a permanent Treasury position, one which would require Senate confirmation, President Obama merely named her to a "special advisory" position when in reality she will indeed be formally heading an entire new agency designed to completely remake the country's banking system.

This latest blatant bypass of the Constitution's advise and consent process has cheesed off lawmakers from both parties:

"The president's decision, first reported by ABC News' Jake Tapper, will give Warren an important role in creation of the bureau, but will avoid a confirmation fight in the Senate, a political maneuver that has upset lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle."

Don't you understand yet, Democrats?  Dear Leader doesn't give a fig about your legally-mandated oversight role, no matter what party you happen to belong to.  He alone knows what's best for America, you see, and he fully intends to implement his agenda regardless of whether anyone, even those in his own camp, wants to examine even the smallest aspect of it.

"The president on Friday did not respond to questions about why he decided not to appoint Warren to a permanent position with the agency." 

His Arrogantness apparently doesn't feel like he needs to explain himself to anyone, which is why the American people need to clearly explain to him in 2012 that his dictatorial services are no longer required.


Bike Bubba said...

Now come on; just because she has neither financial expertise nor governmental experience doesn't mean she doesn't deserve to be regulating finance from within the government....

...oh, wait a minute, this is insanely stupid even for Dear Leader. This DOES matter.

Crotalus said...

I don't call him our first Soviet Premier in vain!