Monday, September 20, 2010

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 38

So that if two of our female neighbors, one of them pregnant, are attacked by three out-of-control bull mastiffs we will be able to instantly come to their aid and save their lives.

Sound farfetched?  This very scenario is indeed what happened the other day in mostly anti-gun California:

"Witnesses said that at about 6 a.m. Friday, three loose dogs pounced on 52-year-old Janelle Dalson, who was on a jog through her neighborhood. The woman’s screams woke one neighbor, who came outside to find her fending off the three dogs, which collectively weighed nearly 300 pounds."

Two alert neighbors armed with handguns subsequently shot two of the dogs, saving at least one of the women from certain death:

“'In speaking with the officers on the scene, they said that they truly felt that had the neighbors not interfered and come to their aid, that at least the first victim would not have survived,' said Fairfield Police Officer Kathryn Sommerdorf. 

On Saturday afternoon, neighbors gave flowers to [Gary] Paquet and [John] Bettencourt for their actions. 

'I was really glad both Gary and John had gun skills. Because if there was a place on this block where this could have happened, these are the two guys who could take care of it,' said Diana Paquet."

Those women are quite fortunate to have such prepared and decisive individuals as neighbors.  This being California, though, we're shocked the two heroes haven't been arrested and charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm.


Bike Bubba said...

Five'll get you ten crime drops in that neighborhood, too.

Recover soon, ladies, and if someone in my family is rescued by a gun-wielding neighbor, rest assured that there will be a box of ammunition with those flowers. :^)

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with Bubba.