Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh no we don't

"If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen."

- President Obama's "Auntie" Zeituni Onyango, who has been living in this country illegally for over a decade and despite a lawful deportation order being issued to her in 2004.

What an infuriatingly arrogant (as well as flat-out wrong) mentality. One isn't entitled to United States citizenship simply because of who they are related to, or as some sort of reward for managing to hide here long enough.

"In May 2010, Onyango's case went back before the same judge who ordered her out of the country in 2004. This time she was granted asylum in the United States. The ruling said a return to Kenya might put Onyango in danger."

As opposed to all of Dear Leader's many half-siblings (courtesy of the famously randy Obama pere) and myriad other relatives living there at this very moment. They don't seem to be having any difficulties.

"So she is now here legally, still living on public assistance and hoping that the spotlight on her will dim."

Not if we have anything to say about that.


Jenn said...

Although this woman sounds vile, I'd say that a birth certificate doesn't really provide a great framework for entitlement to citizenship either. The problem with illegal immigration, in my mind, isn't really the illegal part. It's the drain on the welfare system part. This woman is a disgrace because she doesn't work, doesn't feel she needs to work, and feels that everyone else should just give her money and things.

However, being a drain on the system is a characteristic not limited to brown people, or illegal people. Citizens born within the borders are equally capable of such abuse, and do in fact regularly engage in such abuse. The fact that they hold a fancy piece of paper stating they are "legal" doesn't make them any more deserving of citizenship, and doesn't make them any more entitled to be lazy, leeching dregs.

The problem isn't immigration; the problem is social services. I think the most liberty-oriented, and race-neutral way to address this is to abolish all social services, and to open the borders.

Americans need to stop thinking that they are entitled to all kinds of welfare, all kinds of government assistance just because they were born on the correct side of some imaginary line, and to stop applying blanket, and indeed, erroneous logic to all those pesky immigrants trying to come across.

Using blanket generalizations on a subset of people is incredibly antithetical to freedom. In fact, it is a characteristic of socialism and central planning. If one truly believes in freedom, then he must believe a business owner is free to hire "illegals" as he pleases, a landlord is free to rent his home to illegals as he pleases, and that one who doesn't like "illegals" accordingly is free to disassociate from them. Anyone who proposes immigration laws, or closed borders, is in effect supporting a brand of socialism, whereby a central agency tells everyone who they cannot hire, who they cannot rent to, and who they cannot invite into their homes.

Anonymous said...

I hear the interview where he tries to explain to her, "If three men in a group each put in ten dollars for something, and a fourth person walks up to the group without contributing and takes part of it..." Her response was, "That's good luck!" She literally doesn't understand that she is stealing from our society and isn't entitled to anything we've made. Same thing with illegal immigrants from Mexico: Yes, you have rights, the same rights that we have, but until you are a citizen of this country, you need to work on restoring those rights to your own country and stop taking the fruits of our labor.

Anonymous said...

So the problem is not immigrants stealing and failing to contribute; it's stealing in general, and failure to contribute in general, regardless of legal status.

A citizen who does not work, does not wish to work, and comes up to a group of 3 other citizens who do work and pay taxes, should not be allowed to take their money and demand services just because he is a citizen. This is no better than if an illegal does this.

Why do we assume that if you hold a birth certificate, that you are hard working and "contributed"? In fact, there are many, many American citizens who scrape by on welfare checks, fake disabilities, or collect unemployment because they just don't want to get a job. So because they were born on the right side of the line, this is ok? That makes absolutely no sense. A leech is a leech. And the fact that anti-immigration people want to separate out "illegals" versus "citizens" merely on the grounds of owning a piece of paper alone is what attracts all the accusations of racism.

People wanting to keep illegals out seem just fine with citizens leeching off the system, stealing taxpayer dollars, and wrongly assume that if you are a citizen you are hardworking and have "contributed" to the system. When it comes to illegals they automatically assume they are criminals and thieves.

Regardless of your legal status, leeching is leeching, and theft is theft. Who cares what the color of the thief's skin is? Why is it ok for lazy Americans to steal the fruits of hardworking American's labor, but Mexicans who do it are evil and need to be shot at the border? Aside from racism, nationalism or ethnocentrism, what can be the explanation for this false distinction?