Monday, October 11, 2010

From the Department of Glaringly Obvious Headlines

"Mexican Illegal Immigrants Faced with Poor Health Care in U.S."

You mean that people who sneak into this country in violation of our laws, generally don't pay income taxes or purchase health insurance for themselves and utilize hospital emergency rooms as primary care facilities don't get crackerjack medical attention?  Who knew? 

"Mexican illegal immigrants in the United States face a higher risk of illness and death from limited access to health care, according to a new study announced this week by Mexico’s health ministry."

So we're expected to believe that peasants are fleeing that country by the millions in spite of receiving unlimited fantastic health care in their home country from a competent health ministry that's part of a successful and non-corrupt government?

Right.  Go spin that yarn to someone who will swallow that bull.

1 comment:

Bike Bubba said...

Yes, because we all know that U.S. medical care makes a point of calling ICE when they suspect an illlegal immigrant.....

....oh, wait a minute, they don't. Never mind.