Sunday, October 10, 2010

From the Department of Glaringly Obvious Headlines

"Obama wants a detente with business leaders"

Only now after he's unleashed a perfect storm of massive proposed tax increases, a plethora of overbearing government regulation and an onerous health care mandate (all of which is causing him to face a midterm election rebuke of historic proportions) on private business does Dear Leader wish to play ball with the capitalist engine that fundamentally drives the American economy:

"'The fundamental problem,' says Steve Reinemund, former PepsiCo CEO and now dean of the Wake Forest University School of Business, 'is the sense the President doesn't consider business a noble profession'.

Democrats close to the Administration say the White House wants to make amends and will make its relationship with business a priority after the midterm elections."

Much too little too late, in our opinion.

Good luck with regaining the political capital you so cavalierly urinated away, Mr. Obama.

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