Friday, October 01, 2010

The surreal and ignoble end of an empire

The liberal Nanny-state nitwits who are presiding over the ruination of once-Great Britain have just passed an "Equality" Act which will actually (and predictably) ensure no such thing.  What the new law basically does is allow anyone in a work setting over there to sue anyone else over perceived "harassing" comments, no matter how minor, unintended or innocuous, or regardless if the person wasn't the intended target or was even present to hear the remarks:

"It creates the controversial legal concept of ‘third party harassment’, under which workers will be able to sue over jokes and banter they find offensive – even if the comments are aimed at someone else and they weren’t there at the time the comments were made."  (all emphases ours)

This sounds like a bad episode of television's The Office, but this stupid legislation is indeed the proud brainchild of Labour party deputy leader Harriet Harman.

"They could even have a case against their employer if a customer or contractor says something they find offensive."

Unbelievable.  Simply unbelievable.  How is a boss supposed to prevent a rude patron from spouting off?

Yeah, that law won't be misused at all by people out for revenge for some perceived wrong, or who are looking to get a rival out of the picture so they can be promoted instead, or who simply wish to get a little extra cash from a quick settlement.

We predict absolute chaos in British workplaces will ensue once this abomination of political correctness is allowed to take effect.

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