Thursday, October 28, 2010


A lifelong Democrat activist named Kevin DuJan has chronicled in an open letter to Rush Limbaugh the disgusting treatment he and other sincere Hillary Clinton supporters received at the hands of Dear Leader's political shock troops in 2008, and why as long as Obama and the other Alinskyites continue to remain in power DuJan and untold thousands of others just like him will never again support Democrat Party candidates.  Based on the hundreds of positive comments left for him by other mainstream Democrats, we suspect he's correct in asserting that he's not alone in this line of thinking.  The piece is long but exceedingly well written and well worth your attention.

As we've previously opined, who knew the day would come when Hillary Clinton would be viewed as a fairly mainstream Presidential candidate and a (choke) vastly preferable alternative to the current occupant of that office?

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Bike Bubba said...

Hopefully we will not forget the damage "Dear Leader" has done next Tuesday, and hopefully we do not forget in 2012, either.