Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 40

Because even being the mayor of the 5th largest city in America (which comes with a part-time security detail) isn't enough to prevent one from being the victim of a home-invasion burglary:

"[Phoenix Mayor Phil] Gordon said some [city officials] called Saturday suggesting he increase his security detail, but the mayor said that is a judgment call he'll leave for the police department and other city officials to decide."

Gordon is very fortunate to have the opportunity to avail himself of that extra security should he wish (and good for him for not blindly panicking over the incident).  His constituents, however, do not enjoy that same advantage and so should count themselves lucky to reside in a state that has liberal firearms carry laws for law-abiding citizens as well as a strong "Castle Doctrine" statute that allows mere peasants to legally defend their homes and loved ones from such random and potentially violent attacks from the goblins that roam their streets.

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Chris Mallory said...

One reason why all "public servants" from dog catcher to president should not enjoy any special protection. They should be required to call 911 just like everyone else. If any of them thinks he needs a bodyguard, let him hire it with money from his own pocket.