Friday, November 12, 2010

"The Bill That Wouldn't Die"

The title sounds like a bad '50s horror flick, but in reality it's the DREAM Act surfacing once again like some bloated corpse in a haunted lake.

It's being reported that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is under enormous pressure from the "Latino community" (it's unclear who actually makes up this group besides union leaders and liberal activists) to try and ram the Dream Act through the lame-duck Congressional session.  This would have the effect of allowing illegal alien "students" (precious little snowflakes up to age 35 who could be enrolled anywhere from Harvard to the local barber academy) to obtain green cards and remain in the country indefinitely.

Besides allowing untold thousands of people to immediately jump the line ahead of many others all around the world who are waiting their turn to legally immigrate, this odious bill would obviously constitute a backdoor amnesty because these newly-minted legal residents could then immediately petition the government (just like all current green card holders) to allow their relatives who are already here illegally to stay.

This proposal also apparently would not be a one-time offer, which would have the instant effect of vastly increasing the incentive for illegal aliens to somehow get across the border before having an "anchor baby" who they could then enroll in college or sign up for the military once the child is old enough, ensuring that the entire family could then stay in America forever.

Sound far fetched?  Not really.  Liberal activists seem to be willing to resort to anything, even such sneaky tactics as this, in order to allow millions of people who have openly thumbed their noses at our laws to stay here.

We have already had several amnesties, the last in 1986 under Ronald Reagan, and at that time Americans were promised that it would be the very last one and the border would then be strengthened and sealed, which never happened.

No more breaks for these lawbreakers.  The parents of these admittedly unfortunate children were fully aware of the consequences their offspring would face as a result of their illegal actions.  They are the ones responsible for the situation, not the U.S. government or its citizens.

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