Sunday, November 14, 2010

From the Department of Glaringly Obvious Headlines

"Reid's priority is amnesty, not jobs"

It's gratifying to see that the newspaper of record in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's home state of Nevada agrees with our position on the urgent need to kill the execrable DREAM act.

As we've previously noted, this shameless politician is going to attempt to jam the legislation (which is opposed by the vast majority of Americans) through the upcoming lame-duck session of Congress, in a cynical effort to appease the unions and liberal activists who helped Reid squeak into one more term:

"In fact, the bill lets anyone younger than 36 seek amnesty by taking a few credit hours or joining the Army. No doubt, many of the illegal immigrants who'll benefit from the Dream Act already have anchor babies of their own. The Dream Act is for grown-ups, not kids.

It won't be tough for illegals who don't qualify to claim they do. They'll find a way to create documents that falsify their age and the number of years they've been here. And once they get their amnesty, they'll use "family" preferences in existing immigration law to bring over the rest of their kin.

The Dream Act is presumably Sen. Reid's way of rewarding the Hispanic voters he courted so heavily this year -- and building a future Democratic voting bloc in the process. It creates another incentive for foreign nationals to drag their children into the United States. One act of amnesty inevitably leads to another, after all."

Yep.  The merry-go-round needs to stop right here and right now.

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