Friday, November 05, 2010

Equitable distribution of income isn't enough for some liberals; they want to spread around other things as well

Arizona Republic editorial writer Kathleen Ingley presumes to tell people that they and their loved ones should have to specifically tell organ harvesters to shove off before and/or after they pass away, otherwise their bodies would be fair game for picking over:

"Former talk-show host Bob Mohan has joined the 109,000 desperately ill Americans waiting for an organ transplant.  A kidney, which he needs, can come from a living donor.  But the source of most organs is from people who have died.  We can save a lot of lives by assuming that people agree to organ donation when they die, unless they specifically opt out."

Hey Ms. Ingley, we can save even more lives by forcing the peasants to submit for match testing and then dispatching roving vans to snatch their "spare" kidneys whenever they are required.  Would that be as acceptable to you?  After all, that process would ensure the maximum distribution of kidneys with the best odds for successful transplantation.

Organ donation is a wonderful and charitable gift, but it is just that - a gift.    Government has absolutely no business dictating what happens to peoples' remains, as their bodies are property that belongs to themselves and/or their families by default, unless and until a donation decision is made.

It's apparently not enough to be subject to taxation while alive.  Now liberals want people to be forced to pay a body part fee when departing this plane unless the proper paperwork is filled out beforehand.

By the way, Ms. Ingley, are you an organ donor?   We've seen all too often that people of your political bent are eager to impose onerous conditions on others that they themselves wish to be exempted from.

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