Saturday, November 06, 2010

Not a smart move

Our good friend and frequent collaborator Joel Rosenberg, a prominent Minnesota gun-rights activist and firearms instructor for residents as well as local law enforcement, has filed a criminal complaint with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office against Minneapolis Police spokesman Sergeant William Palmer.

Joel alleges that Palmer assaulted him in the waiting room of Police Chief Tim Dolan's office yesterday after noticing that he was carrying a holstered handgun in the City Hall building, an act that is perfectly legal for carry permit holders in Minnesota.  To make matters worse, Joel claims that Palmer "swept" him with the loaded handgun's muzzle while attempting to unload it, a cardinal sin of gun safety.  Palmer then apparently went on to threaten Joel with the cancellation of his carry permit, an step that neither he nor his boss Chief Dolan is legally authorized to take.

Hennepin County Sheriff's Detective Bill Gottwaldt has assured Joel that a "fair and impartial" investigation will be conducted.  Seeing as how two witnesses as well as a video camera were present, it shouldn't take long for Gottwaldt to uncover the facts of the case.

This should be quite interesting to see play out.  Joel, while generally a gregarious, friendly and loyal person, is not a person to be trifled with, especially when one attempts to suppress either his lawful activities or his personal freedoms.


Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

Now, come on! You know the detective would rather HIDE the facts, but this time the cops got caught for all the public to see. Just like the murder-by-cop that happened in the Bay Area, in the People's Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia.

Anonymous said...

just for clarification is it legal for permit carrying people other than law enforcement to carry weapons in city hall?

Joel Rosenberg said...

Yes, as long as they have a MN carry permit. And Palmer knows that -- if he thought I was doing something unlawful, he would have arrested me.

Joel Rosenberg said...

Oh: and I have no reason to believe that Detective Gottwaldt doesn't want to do his job. Enjoy it? Nah. No cop likes investigating and possibly arresting another cop. No reason why he should.