Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Dear Leader, during his crow-eating press conference this morning, demonstrates that he hasn't learned a single thing from yesterday's almost-complete immolation of his party, pretty much totally at his hands:

"Though his policies were used against Democrats in races across the country, Obama described his decisions to date as 'tough' but 'right.'"

You keep right on believing that, sir, because as everyone can plainly see it's working out so well for you and your sycophants.


Anonymous said...

Baloney. All of the Democratic losses can be laid at the feet of Republican lies and fear-mongering. "Death Panels". Bullshit. "Socialism". Absolute ignorance.

I expect the Republicans to act like they won everything for two years, block as much as they can, and even shut down the government. I then expect them to be utterly destroyed in 2012, Rest in pieces, dinosaurs.

Crotalus said...

The Kenyan gets bitch-slapped, and he doubles down. Complete moron are the only words that fit.

You democrats didn't hear us when we said no stimulus or Obamacare. Can you hear us NOW? Will you learn that your Constsutional oaths mean something? I'm guessing "no".

Bike Bubba said...

OK, anonymous, so working towards single payer health insurance isn't socialism?

Say what?

And the necessary rationing of healthcare due to locking in prices and supply won't amount to death panels?

Sorry. I wish you were right, but it's all too real.

Anonymous said...

The health care bill didn't have single-payer. That's another common Republican lie. The so-called "death panels" (actually, the availability of end-of-life counseling) was a Republican's idea that the Democrats put in the bill. Rationing already exists (by the insurance companies). All of Bike Bubba's points are Republican lies and distortions; all statements about "socialism" are either ignorance of the meaning of the word or sheer outright lying.

Anyone who calls President Obama a "Kenyan" is a lying racist of the worst and lowest kind.