Wednesday, November 03, 2010

From the Department of Glaringly Obvious Headlines

"Boehner vows to repeal Obama healthcare reforms"

Absolutely.  This has to be the very first order of business before the disastrous financial consequences of this terrible legislation wreck the fragile economic recovery.

Well done, Mr. Speaker.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. It won't get through the Senate and the president would veto it anyway. They may try the old "attach it to something that must pass or the government will shut down" ploy, but that backfired big time on the GOP in the 1990s. The health care law should not and will not be repealed.

Douglas Hester said...

That veto is exactly what's going to happen, Anon, and then the Republican presidential candidate in 2012 will be free to point that fact out, ensuring his or her victory.

Anonymous said...

Bull. The Rethuglicans will try to shut down the government, like they did before (because they are too stupid to learn from history), and then they will be voted out.

History shows that Presidents that lose congressional seats in mid-term elections are re-elected. If the economy improves, which it will (probably) in spite of Rethuglican opposition to the improving of the economy, Obama will be re-elected, and alot of the brainless "teabaggers" will lose their seats.

Crotalus said...

Dream on, Anon. Obama has proven himself to be a total disaster as President. He'll get thrown out on his own hook, irrespective of the results of this last election.

As far as the Republicans shutting down the government again, that would be a good thing in my book, although Big Government worshippers such as you would have screaming fits. Scream away, for allI care.

Anonymous said...

You might think it's good, but it was a big problem for Republicans the last time they tried it. You want to lose elections? Keep people from getting Social Security checks.

As far as being a "disaster" -- that's a laugh. He passed the health care reform (a major plus) and he has managed to arrest the decline of the economy after the actual disaster of the Bush administration (the worst president ever, who wrecked the economy).