Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More unintended consequences (and expenses) of Obamacare

The food vending industry, to its utter dismay, has just found out that hidden somewhere in the 2000+ pages of Dear Leader's socialized medicine Ponzi scheme was a provision requiring them to post the nutrition content of every item for sale in their machines.  Starting in less than two months.

It doesn't matter that there can be up to 30+ different items in one machine, or that the industry association estimates that it's going to cost a profit-killing 14 million man-hours each year to accomplish this onerous task, or that the very same information is already on each item's wrapper, or simply that people who buy an occasional snack-size bag of Funyuns obviously aren't under the illusion that those tasty treats are somehow as nutritious as an apple; nope, it's the law of the land now so that's the way it's going to be.

What other interesting delights in that incredibly freedom-sapping and economy-stifling law are just sitting there waiting their turn to be brought to light?


ridea94vmax said...

Between congressional members and Obama, I'll bet not a one voting for it knew this was in there. Fat-ass, USA-hater Michelle might have though!

Anonymous said...

How nice. You must be a real charmer.

Anonymous said...

From the article, it will take an estimated 14 MILLION man hours to comply with the new "law"