Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The PR push for DREAM continues

The Arizona Republic continues the current full-court press for passing the unfair and ill-gotten-reward-producing DREAM Act by running a piece which profiles several young people (who proudly give their full names as well as the colleges they attend) who wish to take advantage of the proposed legislation's line-jumping privileges and become legal residents ahead of thousands of people in other countries who are waiting to come here in a proper and lawful fashion.

We admit to having a modicum of sympathy for the person who was brought here by his illegal immigrant parents when he was 2.  Two other people in the story, however, apparently crossed the border at ages 12 and 15, respectively, yet these supposedly super-smart "straight A" students claim to have had absolutely no idea that they were here illegally until quite recently.  Sorry, but we don't buy that excuse.  We can remember being that age; even then we were fully aware of our citizenship status and definitely would have noticed whether or not that status had been legally changed or not during a life-altering move to another country.  These definitely appear to be prime cases of "Be quiet, kids, and we'll work on fixing the issue at a later time once we're in America".

Yes, some of these illegal immigrants make for compelling stories, and it is true that it isn't always their fault that they are here in the first place.  The responsibility for their predicament, however, as we've stated on several occasions, lies solely with the parents, and as such no one in the families should be able to benefit from their unlawful actions.  The DREAM Act should be vigorously opposed for that reason.

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