Sunday, November 14, 2010

"But some animals are more equal than others"

Never has George Orwell's famous quote from Animal Farm been more appropriate than when discussing Dear Leader's utter disaster of a socialized medicine plan.

You see, this supposed legislative jewel (which is turning out to be more of a lead fishing weight) in his narcissistic crown was supposedly going to force all businesses to participate in this massive Ponzi scheme in order to "ensure coverage for everyone as well as facilitate cost savings" (two things that cannot possibly coexist).  Unless, of course, the firms in question happen to be one of the 111 companies or unions (surprise, surprise) that have received an indulgence a waiver from our benevolent wannabe monarch.

This interesting and highly infuriating news, of course, is about as hidden as such information can get:

So much for all of that promised "transparency".

Repeal it now, liberal Democrats, or suffer even more losses in 2012.

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