Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A well-deserved whipping

A few random ruminations on tonight's results:

1.  Boy, that electoral map of the U.S. is getting awfully red, not that Dear Leader will notice or care.  Charles Krauthammer most likely called it right on Fox News just now when he predicted that President Obama will pull back on the legislative initiatives for the next two years, preferring the lower-key tactic of "ruling" by executive order and large numbers of new Federal agency rules.  After all, it was fellow liberal Democrat Paul Begala who is on record as bragging about "Stroke of the pen.  Law of the land.  Kinda cool."  And we all know Dear Leader is totally about "cool".

2.  It appears as though our own Democratic Congressman Harry Mitchell has been sent to retirement.  Mitchell seems like a nice enough fellow, and he actually on many occasions was on the same side as us on important issues.  Just like we repeatedly told his office during the debate over Obamacare, though, his eventual support of that odious legislation meant that we and many others would seek his ouster at the next possible opportunity, and that has come to pass.

3.  We simply can't believe that the people of California have returned to the governor's office the same tired old liberal career politician who is responsible for so many of their current crises.  We no longer have any sympathy for that whack-job state; they're completely on their own as far as we're concerned.

4.  It seems that the execrable Congressional barnacle that is Barney Frank has managed to win yet another term in office despite he and other Democrats being directly responsible for  the banking and mortgage meltdown by forcing banks to give mortgages to low-income people who had no business taking out such loans and resisting efforts by the Bush White House to reform the system, even going so far as to boldly declare in 2004 that "These two entities — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — are not facing any kind of  financial crisis".  Thanks, Massachusetts!

5.   The Democrats couldn't even hang on to the Illinois Senate seat that President Obama's neophyte bottom barely warmed before he declared for the Presidency.  There's some serious repudiation of Dear Leader right there.

6.  With Republican Scott Walker projected to win in the race for Wisconsin governor, it appears as though that state will finally get the "shall issue" firearms carry permit bill that has passed the Legislature multiple times only to be vetoed by outgoing Governor Jim Doyle.  This will leave Illinois as the lone state without at least some provision for lawful carry by law-abiding citizens.  What a change for the better for Second Amendment rights from even just a few years ago.

Maybe some more on this tomorrow.


Bike Bubba said...

Hey, your favorite Ramsey County police chief lost, my friend.....not all good news here in Minnesota with Howard Dean's long-lost twin apparently winning the governorship, but there is SOME good news here.

Crotalus said...

Geologists detrmined that the western part of California would eventually shear off along the San Andreas Fault, and slowly subduct under Alaska, over eons. The hippies got wind of this and predicted a giant earthquake would throw California into the sea all at once, at 3:15 on a certain day (Can't remember the day now) It didn't happen, of course.

But seeing as the coast and Central Valley of California are liberal strongholds, and the majority of conservatives are east of the Sierra Nevada, I wish the Big One would happen. Then California would be a Red State!

Anonymous said...

Oh, right; Barney Frank caused the mortgage meltdown. Bullshit. The loans under that program did better than other loans. That has been proven, but Rethuglicans keep on spreading the lie.

Douglas Hester said...

Barney Frank (along with his boyfriend the Fannie Mae exec, a clear conflict of interest) did indeed have a prime role in causing the problem. Those loans only did better because the agencies were bending over backwards to accommmodate the people who couldn't pay them, unlike private banks who naturally wanted their money back in a timely manner.

Anonymous said...

Bull again. Those loans were carefully screened. Most of the loans that failed were from outside mortgage agencies that didn't do due diligence.

All of this information is available, but Republicans will not acknowledge it because it doesn't fit into their belief system. Seriously, Republicans seem to be special-needs students that cannot grasp reality.

Mr. Hester, I admire your views on guns (I have guns). I admire your views on law enforcement being answerable to the people. However, your rabid anti-Democrat stance makes no sense and does not fit with the facts in the real world. The truth is that almost everything a Republican has said in the last two or three years is a lie. They are consummate liars and have brought many citizens into believing the lies. Sooner or later they will be more widely exposed, and we can hope that they get booted, as well as more substantive penalties.