Friday, December 31, 2010

The Jack-Booted Thug of the Week, Bonus Edition...

... is the Honolulu, Hawaii police officer who was one of at least five cops who pulled over without apparent reasonable suspicion a car containing three members of a public access cable show ironically (and amusingly) called "We Are Change Hawaii" (they're obviously misguided liberal supporters of Dear Leader, but they have rights as well).

The trio had been filming outside the barricades surrounding President Obama's vacation house hoping for a glimpse of their hero and had been told they couldn't stay, so they complied and drove off.  According to the story the group was then pulled over a few blocks away at a gas station where the aforementioned thug ordered producer Sativa Jones to stop filming him and then snatched her camera from her grasp, injuring her fingers and damaging the equipment in the process (video of the encounter is at the link).

"She said the officer appeared shaken by what he'd done and courteously showed her how to complain, writing his name and badge number on a card with contact information for the Honolulu Police Commission."

But he wasn't "shaken" enough to, you know, actually apologize for his criminal behavior.  We've interacted with those types of cops before.  They're never wrong.

Another member of the group apparently tried to lodge a formal criminal complaint with one of the other officers on the scene but she claims, predictably, that none of the other cops would take it.

"Asked if it was legal for police officers to stop someone from videotaping an officer in a public place, the department said citizens are allowed to video in public places."

Good to know.  Now prove it by disciplining your "officers" when they commit crimes against law-abiding citizens who are merely engaged in something they have a right to do.  In case you haven't realized it yet the peasants don't need to obtain your permission to be "allowed" to film in public.


michael said...

If you do a small bit of research, you'll find it quite unlikely that the We are Change Hawaii people are liberal supporters of the usurper occupying the Presidential residence. Check out a couple youtube clips and you'll get a good idea of what We are Change (location) people do. BTW, I read your blog regularly and find we agree on most things, but on occasion it does go the other way. Happy and safe New Year.

Anonymous said...

"Usurper"? Hallucinate much?