Friday, December 31, 2010

Not too confident in their Leader's reelection chances, are they?

Via Slashdot, we learn that Dear Leader's supporters are already outlining a campaign to encourage Democrats and independents to cross party lines and vote for Sarah Palin in the 2012 primaries in the hope that she will present the easiest electoral opponent for President Obama to overcome and win reelection.

It's an amusing theory and one which illustrates just how far Obama's star has fallen among his faithful followers since 2008, when his ascension to the Big Chair was viewed as inevitable no matter who he ran against because of his overwhelming intelligence and wisdom, not to mention his personal charisma.  Of course that perception of his qualifications has been shown to be nothing more than a masterful marketing campaign, so some liberals apparently feel they have to resort to this sort of desperate gimmick to retain their hopelessly out-of-his-depth leader.

This may not even be their wisest course of action, oddly enough.  Ms. Palin enjoys incredibly broad popular support among us poor dumb saps who inhabit flyover country, and she has consistently been underestimated by the major media.  Time will tell if this gambit only serves to hasten the far-left wing of the Democratic Party's demise.

(And yes, we realize Rush Limbaugh advocated the same sort of cheap trick during the 2008 campaign to get Hillary Clinton on the ballot.  We didn't support those tactics at that time, either.  Run your top candidate and may the best person win.)

"Nominate the unelectable"

Well, we shall certainly see.  We wouldn't be making Inauguration Day 2013 plans quite yet if we belonged to this group.

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Anonymous said...

Latest polls have Palin at about 25% approval and near 50% disapproval. You can overcome a low approval rating, but that kind of disapproval means that most Americans have caught on that she's an idiot.