Thursday, December 09, 2010

Today's TASER Travesty

Just one more reason to stay well clear of the corrupt cesspool that is Chicago:

"According to the report, officers used Tasers on 683 occasions in the year ended Sept. 30, up sharply from 197 in 2009 and 163 in 2008."

The article notes that the approximately 200% increase in TASER usage is attributed to the fact that CPD is now handing them out like PEZ dispensers to pretty much every officer, despite the department's previously halting a plan to distribute them department-wide after several high-profile cases of alleged misuse.

The force has apparently also decided, according to the article, that it will no longer follow up on every incident in which a TASER is discharged, citing a backlog of other police complaints and manpower problems with its independent review board.

An enormous increase in TASER usage + no more review of that usage except in the most egregious of cases + a police agency famous for its many cases of abuse of power? 

Not a comforting thought, to say the least.

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