Wednesday, December 08, 2010


"Aaron Sorkin brands Sarah Palin TV show 'a snuff film'"

Because her show featured a hunt in which she shot a caribou.

"He described Palin as 'deranged', a 'witless bully' and a 'phony pioneer girl'."

Well, Mr. Sorkin, you're a crackhead who writes formulaic drivel that attempts to be creative propaganda but in reality only masquerades as quality entertainment.

Wow, cheap name-calling in the absence of a reasoned intellectual argument is really easy!  Thanks for the tip, Crackie!


Andrew said...

Sorkin is actually a brilliant writer, when he's on his game. Kind of like Cat Stevens was one helluva singer/songwriter.

That doesn't mean he isn't an idiot when he tries to comment on real life. He probably sees reality only rarely, living in L.A. as he must.

Douglas Hester said...

You're missing my point, Andrew. Sorkin is no more a talentless hack than Palin is a drooling escapee from a Guatemalan insane asylum. I was just letting him know that there are much better ways of disagreeing with someone's politics than making personal attacks against them and their families.