Friday, January 14, 2011

It's far too complex an issue for him to wrap his talking head around

Former news "icon" Tom Brokaw displays his elite liberal bias while cluelessly expounding upon a topic about which he apparently knows absolutely nothing:

"Gun control is too simple a phrase to define all the complications and nuances of it, frankly. In Arizona they have a wide open system. I would be nervous about going into a bar or restaurant in Arizona on a Saturday night where people can carry concealed without permits"

Mr. Brokaw presumably wouldn't bat an eye about going into the bar at a fancy ski resort in tony Vermont, which has the exact same "wide open system" and always has.

We imagine he would also quite look forward to a relaxing evening in a restaurant after a day of his beloved fly-fishing in, say, Alaska, which has the exact same "wide open system".

It certainly can be quite the arduous ordeal to take all of ten minutes to grasp the "complications and nuances" of this particular subject, so we certainly understand why this supposedly competent professional newsman doesn't even bother to try.


David said...

Actually AZ isn't that wide open. You cannot conceal carry into any place that serves alcohol unless you have a CCW. He got it totally wrong.

Ken Hood said...

Spot on. And David adds to the fun of refuting the empty emotional arguments used to discuss laws that allow law abiding citizens to carry a firearm.

Words like "wide open" and "nervous" are excellent examples of the double standard that folks like Brokaw employ in honest debate.

I seem to remember Senator Dick Durbin claiming in early 2009, on the passage of Senate Amendment 575:

"We have to make sure… the millions of visitors who come into this building come in with peace of mind, knowing they and their families are going to be safe, not to worry that some law passed in the Senate is going to create a shooting gallery right outside the Capitol grounds."

Well Mr. Durbin... the Amendment passed, and we haven't seen a "shooting gallery" on the Capitol grounds yet.

Thanks for your hard hitting debate- I figure I'm safe (for awhile) using pugilistic metaphors.