Friday, January 14, 2011

Big Brother North decides (after 30 years) that a hit song is now unacceptable

The same sort of moral police who are currently rewriting Huckleberry Finn to avoid traumatizing any of America's precious little snowflakes have also been quite busy in the the junior Nanny state to our immediate north.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (based on the complaint of one listener) has declared "Money for Nothing", the hit song by the British band Dire Straits, to be offensive because of three uses of the word "faggot" (in a sarcastic and ironic manner, not a demeaning one) and the tune will henceforth be banned from radioplay in Canada.

(The song came out in 1985, by the way, and was a  #1 hit in Canada at the time.  Where was the CBSC then?)

To their credit, several radio stations there are planning to play the tune non-stop in protest.

Remember back in the mid-80's when this song came out?  Tipper Gore and her shameful gaggle of Washington wives who were bored of tennis and long lunches were at that time attempting to similarly censor music lyrics in this country.  Ah, good times, good times.  

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