Friday, January 14, 2011

Reason and logic win the debate, as they always do

Our very good friend and fellow gun-rights activist Andrew Rothman was a featured guest on a Twin Cities newscast last night, and he did a fantastic job of taking the head of a local gun-control advocacy organization to school:

True story from back in the day, we were there - Andrew participated in a debate with Ms. Martens on the campus of the University of Minnesota in 2006.  Upwards of 40 armed carry permit holders besides ourselves were in the audience, no doubt making the venue the safest college classroom in America that evening.

Heather, despite her oft-professed irrational fear of being in a room with icky and swoon-inducingly dangerous publicly-carried loaded firearms, saw no problem with having her husband and three-year-old daughter present in that very same audience.

One of two things must have been true that night - either she simply didn't give a fig about her family's safety (vanishingly unlikely) or she knew full well that she and her loved ones had nothing whatsoever to fear from those law-abiding citizens. 

"When someone comes with malice in their heart and evil in their heart, to do that evil the tool isn't really relevant."

Well said, Andrew.  Very well said indeed.

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