Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Caught playing hooky

"Two Las Vegas police officers are under investigation after they were caught speeding in northern Arizona when they were supposed to be patrolling the streets of Sin City."

100 miles away. 

No wonder law-abiding people fight so hard to be able to use their Second Amendment right to possess and carry a firearm for self-protection, as we can only imagine what the response time for these idiots would be to an emergency call for service in their assigned patrol area.

Another shining example of the stellar judgment that can be demonstrated by people that groups such as the Brady Campaign and Violence Policy Center claim with a straight face are the only ones "professional" enough to carry firearms in public.

(Praise and sincere thanks must go to the Mohave County, Arizona sheriff's deputy who noticed the joyriding pair and put an abrupt end to their stupid shenanigans without giving them a "blue pass".)

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