Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's all Monopoly money at this point

"President Obama's budget released on Monday proposes to spend $3.73 trillion for 2012. He can't say Bush made him do that. That proposed spending is an undeniable fact that reveals who he is, which he successfully hid from 53% of voters in 2008.

Campaigning in 2008 he promised voters that his plan involved a "net spending cut." That net spending cut translated into $836 billion in increased spending this year from 2008, according to President Obama's own budget documents. That is a federal spending increase of nearly 30% since 2008. Either President Obama does not know what "net spending cut" means in English, or he bamboozled a lot of people in 2008."  (all emphases ours)

Dear Leader made a vow he had no intention of keeping?  Bestill our hearts!

This news is so blatantly bad even reliable Obama lickspittle Andrew Sullivan has jumped the S.S. Hope and Change: 

"To all those under 30 who worked so hard to get this man elected, know this: he just screwed you over. He thinks you're fools."

Future historians will no doubt pinpoint the tipping point for the inevitable economic collapse of the United States as occurring during the current administration, and properly lay the blame at the feet of the man who in his (hopefully) one term will have increased our national debt more than all of his 43 predecessors combined, despite their having to deal with such minor inconveniences as World Wars, Great Depressions, terrorist attacks and other global crises.

Thanks, Mr. President!

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