Saturday, February 12, 2011

Looks like a good cop is getting unfairly smeared

Our close friend and fellow activist Joel Rosenberg tips us to the fact that Rogers, Minnesota Police Chief Jeff Luther, as well as a sergeant in that department, have been placed on leave "pending an investigation whose nature was not made public."

Chief Luther is a career law-enforcement officer and the respected former head of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension's firearm carry permit program.  He has always treated the gun-rights community with the utmost professionalism, civility and fairness, and many people who are aware of his outstanding reputation are simply in disbelief that he could be guilty of any sort of official wrongdoing.  Former Rogers City Councilmember Jamie Davis concurs:

"[Davis] commended Luther for turning what had been a 'good-old boy network' within the police department into a more professional body.

'Jeff set the tone from the top,' Davis said. 'He brought a new work ethic. He was on the streets regularly.'"

Does that behavior seem indicative of a corrupt law-enforcement officer?

Mr. Davis unfortunately also holds the opinion that Luther's apparently long-overdue cleanup of that incestuous agency is the primary factor spurring this suspension, which smells awfully like back-room buddy-buddy politics at its worst:

"Early Friday night, after the moves involving the two were made public, Davis said he feared the probe could be part of an effort to elevate the newly named acting chief -- Rogers police Capt. Mike Miller -- into the chief's job permanently.

Davis noted that Miller is the godfather of the mayor's 2-year-old daughter and a friend of two other council members. Not to disrespect Miller, he said, 'but it's fishy. There's no other way to put it.'"

We fervently hope that once the Sherburne County Sheriff's Office clears Chief Luther of these sham charges he washes his hands of Rogers and its jerk administrators for good and quickly moves on to lead the next department that is fortunate enough to land him.

UPDATE:  Corrected Luther's role at the BCA.


Anonymous said...

You're a moron

Douglas Hester said...

Undoubtedly. That doesn't change my opinion that a good cop is being railroaded.

Anonymous said...

Back up your big mouth with facts not opinions

Anonymous said...

The info here came from the star tribune you idiot, its not opinion. Why don't you do a little research before you comment

Bike Bubba said...

"Anonymous" reminds me of something the late Mike Royko of the Chicago Tribune noted; people will say things anonymously online that they'd never dare say in a bar, or even a coffee shop. They are the type who "could not bench press a tuna salad sandwich," as Royko noted.

BTW, I learned today that many police officers are organized as Teamsters--see my blog. I guess we know now why they never found Hoffa, don't we? :^)

Anonymous said...

the star and tribune did not say these were the charges.
A former city councilman conjectured an unsolicited opinion.
First of all I am curious why the city council and Sherburne county will not comment during a pending investigation. This makes sense because doing so may compromise the investigation.
The former City councilman is aware of this as well but since he is no longer a city councilman he feels its okay for him to share his so called opinion.
If you had even half a brain you'd know how unprofessional and highly unethical this is.
what does that say about his credibility?

Based upon the fact that you call these charges Is in and of itself undeniable evidence that you DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU"RE TALKING ABOUT!
AND ARE not just a moron but an Absolute Moron!

Bike Bubba said...

Work out a little bit more, anonymous, and you just might be able to bench press that tuna salad sandwich someday.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are not a member of law enforcement.
My tax dollars are hard earned to support Morons Bullies and Idiots!

Rogers Citizen said...

Please sign the petition to reinstate the officers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should see what the investigation reveals before we do anything