Monday, February 14, 2011

More dispatches from the madhouse across the pond

A couple of quickies from the criminal-coddling Nanny-state paradise that used to be "Great" Britain:

1.  Police in Kent and Surrey, England, have strongly advised homeowners in that region to remove the wire mesh that most have placed over their shed windows in response to a recent increase in garden thefts there.

The cops have informed the incredulous residents that such measures are "dangerous" to thieves and that they could be successfully sued if the miscreants somehow injure themselves whilst climbing through such protected openings.

"Last month Samantha Cullum, a mother-of-three, of Brasted, near Sevenoaks in Kent, had her whole shed stolen when thieves lifted it on to a lorry."  (emphasis ours)

Boy, a little mesh really made a huge difference there, didn't it?

"Dave Bishop, of Tatsfield, said: 'The law is so stupid, and you never know what decision judges are going to make.'"

The solution's quite obvious, Mr. Bishop - simply vote out the idiot lawmakers who insist on continually favoring the "rights" of criminals at your expense.

2.  17-year-old star athlete and fashion model Samantha Sadler of Halton, England was severely injured last June when a teenage "yob" for no reason at all threw a brick through the rear window of the car in which she was riding.

Sadler suffered a fractured skull, broken eye socket and broken nose, and still suffers to this day from double vision.  Her dual careers in athletics and modeling are in serious danger of being ended forever due to her lingering injuries.

The feral youth in question, "who cannot be named for legal reasons" (naturally)?  He was allowed to plead guilty to assault and was fined a mere 200 pounds ($321) and placed on probation for a year.

"A spokesman for the Families Against Crime campaign group said: ‘This is a shocking sentence. So often these cases end up in a plea bargain to save time and money at the expense of a proper punishment and justice for the victim. The system needs to be changed root and branch and this is a prime example why.'"

Just as in the first case, the solution is exceedingly simple - the law-abiding subjects over there need to vote out the politicians and judges who enable such outrageous miscarriages of justice which serve to embolden the criminal element, because the lawbreakers there know they won't face any serious consequences for their harmful actions.

We'll see if the law-abiding residents of that asylum ever wake up and rescue their nation from this kind of institutionalized madness.


Crotalus (Dont Tread on Me) said...

I'll bet voting them out won't make a difference, same as here. The only choices we have anymore is Evil 1 or Evil 2.

Bike Bubba said...

It's interesting to view England, which has lost its judicial heritage, vs. Singapore, famous for giving out appropriate punishment to petty thugs.

(in neighboring Malaysia, a convicted rapist begged for jail time in lieu of the cane....he got both, and I dare say prospective thugs took note)