Sunday, February 27, 2011

Special outcomes for "special" people

And, for a change, it's the local prosecutor who is at fault and not the police department (which seemingly has done everything right in this case), which makes the outcome that much more frustrating.

The wife of Glendale, Arizona Police Sergeant Brent Thomas reported last summer to Officer Delores Baumann (his superior in the agency) that Thomas had been physically abusive to her for 7 to 10 years, going so far as to provide photographs of injuries allegedly caused by his actions.

Baumann then promptly sat on the information by failing to investigate, file a report or inform the brass because she "was caught in a predicament that had no beneficial outcome regardless of what she did".
(That's definitely the first time we've ever heard of engaging in the performance of one's sworn duties by investigating a legitimate complaint of domestic assault be described as some sort of no-win situation.)

Someone else finally reported the alleged abuse in an anonymous phone call to the department.  Glendale Police, to their great credit, investigated and concluded that "Officer" Thomas should "be charged with felony counts of aggravated domestic violence, aggravated assault, criminal damage and interference with a judicial proceeding, a misdemeanor".

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office, however, announced on Tuesday that Thomas will face no criminal charges in the case, citing a lack of evidence. 

We find it awfully hard to believe that there just isn't any proof whatsoever of wrongdoing here, especially given that Thomas's own agency has recommended he be hit with felony-level charges.  We're absolutely positive that a simple peasant would certainly be facing some kind of legal trouble, that's for sure.

The story does have a bit of a silver lining, as "Officer" Thomas (as well as "Officer" Heather Opp, a subordinate with whom he was having a sexual relationship, something that investigators claim she lied about to them) both resigned in disgrace a couple of months ago after being informed by Glendale Police Chief Steve Conrad that he was going to can them for their actions.  "Officer" Baumann, by the way, was given a written reprimand for her obvious dereliction of duty.

Sincere appreciation must go to Chief Conrad for holding his officers accountable to the same laws they enforce on everyone else. 

Shame on the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for punting on this one.


Andrew said...

A written reprimand? Why in hell does SHE still have a job?

Anonymous said...

Any new developments on this case? Anything happen regarding this in Az? Check it out and update us please....