Monday, February 28, 2011

Child rearing, "professional"-style

Two stories containing very similar (and disturbing) circumstances, featuring a pair of the highly-trained and responsible people that organizations such as the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center continue to insist with straight faces are the only ones "professional" enough to carry firearms and other self-defense weapons in public:

1.  Escambia County, Florida Sheriff's Deputy Mildred Goodwin has been placed on administrative leave after being charged with cruelty toward a child for allegedly beating her own son with a department-issued collapsible baton:

"'Our investigation revealed that Goodwin's chosen discipline method was outside normal standards and met the statutory requirements for child abuse,' Sheriff's spokesman Deputy Chris Welborn said in a news release."

2.   Orleans Parish, Louisiana Sheriff's Deputy Cotina Holmes has been placed on administrative leave after being charged with aggravated assault for allegedly "boarding a school bus and brandishing a gun at her 16-year-old son":

"Police spokeswoman Shereese Harper said the deputy was in uniform when she boarded the bus Thursday morning. When she got off the bus, the driver called police, Harper said Saturday."

If these two were willing to mistreat their own children in such a reckless and inappropriate manner, what was their behavior towards total strangers on the street?


Grace R said...

WTH! How disturbing is that? Who brandishes a gun at their child? Maybe I'm a little hyper sensitive given my situation, but it makes me sad to think of these kids growing up with so much violence in the home.

Now on the flip side, given the LA kid was 16, there is part of me that wonders what he had done to where mom responded like that on a school bus? I'm also wondering if it wasn't a more innocent situation that got blown up?

Now, the beating w/ a baton...that's just the epitome of evil.

Chris Mallory said...

"Just a few bad apples"
"Procedures were followed."
"The accused officers are innocent until proven guilty and will be on paid leave."
"We could find no evidence that would lead us to charge these fine police officers."

How many times will the above be said in relation to these two slugs?