Friday, March 04, 2011

Critical mass has now been reached

BATFE senior agent John Dodson is the first of probably many government employees to bravely come forward on a national news program and personally confirm the unbelievable story that writer/blogger David Codrea and blogger Mike Vanderboegh first broke last December 28 (full disclosure: we have worked in the past with both men on gun rights and police-abuse issues) - that the original jack-booted thug of an agency that is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (which regularly harasses and even prosecutes gun dealers and citizens over such things as minor paperwork errors) purposely allowed thousands of illegally straw-purchased firearms to cross the border into Mexico (without bothering to let the Mexicans themselves know about it), apparently in some kind of misguided scheme to pad the stats of U.S.-sold guns found in that country and thus make a stronger case for imposing further restrictions on the law-abiding public's ability to purchase and own such weapons:

"'I'm boots on the ground in Phoenix, telling you we've been doing it every day since I've been here,' [Dodson] said. 'Here I am. Tell me I didn't do the things that I did. Tell me you didn't order me to do the things I did. Tell me it didn't happen. Now you have a name on it. You have a face to put with it. Here I am. Someone now, tell me it didn't happen.'"

Two of the smuggled firearms subsequently turned up at the recent murder scene of Arizona U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, and one of those was allegedly the actual murder weapon used to kill him.

The entire story is quite involved, so go and read the entire timeline that was handily put together by Codrea for yourself and see if you don't get sick to your stomach as well.

Several U.S. Congressmen and Senators are now apparently preparing to launch investigations into that agency's egregiously negligent (and most likely criminal) conduct, and hopefully will come to the same conclusion that many others have drawn - that the BATFE is a rogue organization with zero control and accountability that directly caused the death of a hardworking border agent, and therefore it should immediately be shuttered and the top managers there who knew about this scheme indicted as accessories to homicide.

Codrea and Vanderboegh should also be joint Pulitzer nominees for their unrelenting efforts at exposing and chronicling this story, as far as we're concerned.


joetote said...

Talk about openly blatant hypocrisy! President Bozo just a few months ago was BLAMING gun manufacturers and dealers for ignoring what was going on down there just to sell them guns! If this was approved by the DOJ, then one must assume President “holy shit! we can’t arm our agents” Bozo knew of this. At the least the racist in charge of the DOJ should sure as hell be brought up on charges! sorry for the “french” but this one ticks me off as bad as the race Baiter in the White House and his AG.

Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

BATFE may become the scapegoat, and thus be disbanded, but gun control will become the purview of other agencies. The only way to get rid of it, is to get rid of the entire government, and I don't see that happening anytime soon.