Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The dominoes are falling "faster and furiouser"

A second brave and conscientious ATF agent named Rene Jaquez has come forward and confirmed to CBS News that his agency indeed not only sat back and did nothing, but in fact actively enabled thousands of straw-purchased firearms to be smuggled across the border into Mexico as part of something named "Operation Fast and Furious" but which writer David Codrea, who along with blogger Mike Vanderboegh first broke the story, more accurately termed "Project Gunwalker".  Some of those very weapons were later found at the murder scenes of both a U.S. Border Patrol officer as well as an ICE agent operating in that country.

This "operation" apparently was some sort of hare-brained scheme from incompetent government bureaucrats to track the weapons all the way to their supposed delivery to Mexican drug cartels, allegedly in order for the Obama Administration to have something to point at when agitating for more gun control for law-abiding Americans, who of course have nothing to do with such illegal acts.

The only problem with this crazy plan (besides getting their own colleagues killed by their utter negligence, of course) is that gunrunning, or being an accomplice to gunrunning, happens to be against the law, even for imperial Federal agencies.  We won't even mention the fact that the the American people tend to frown on their "authorities" sparking an international diplomatic incident with a neighboring country, as Mexico is quite rightly hopping mad at not being informed of this Three Stooges operation, which has no doubt contributed to untold thousands of their citizens being killed and wounded because of the ATF's passive arming of the drug lords down there.

Agent Jaquez, who is based in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (a completely different ATF office from John Dodson, the other whistleblower in Phoenix, by the way, yet their stories are identical.  This tends to lend credence to both their accounts), also links more government offices to the breaking scandal:

"But ATF wasn't working alone on the case known as "Fast and Furious." Documents show ATF had conference calls with "DHS" (Homeland Security). "USMS" (U.S. Marshals) and DEA. An "ICE," or Customs agent, was on ATF's Fast and Furious team. They were advised by an "AUSA," or Assistant U.S. Attorney under the Justice Department."

It would seem that Janet Napolitano and Eric "Neutral, leaning toward favorable" Holder have some serious 'splaining to do.  Perhaps we should let Mexico extradite them in order for that nation to get to the bottom of the story?

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