Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Utter chaos

Prince George's County, Maryland (the place where we grew up but have zero desire to visit, let alone ever return for good) isn't even coming close to making a dent in apprehending the embarrassing number of criminals with outstanding warrants there, thus leaving the law-abiding residents nakedly exposed to predation:

"About 50,000 criminal warrants have not been served, Prince George's County Sheriff Melvin High said, a major concern as the county reels from a spree of homicides at the beginning of the year.  (emphasis ours) 

Maryland, we remind everyone once again, is a "may-issue" state for firearm carry permits, with the State Police denying just about all legitimate applications for a lack of good cause (at least in their biased opinion).

That strategy is really working out quite well for them, isn't it?

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