Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Events are moving quickly in the ATF scandal

The publishers of GUNS magazine have decided that David Codrea's upcoming June "Rights Watch" column on the ATF's "Project Gunwalker" debacle is too important and timely to wait for publication so they have posted it on their website for all to read right now for free.

Codrea, along with blogger and activist Mike Vanderboegh, has been on this story from the very beginning, and it's mostly due to their unrelenting efforts that the major media is now picking up the story.

The very worst part of this whole incident, at least in our eyes, is that several stand-up gun shops apparently alerted the ATF on many occasions to suspicious multiple transactions at the time they were made, and in every case the merchants were informed in no uncertain terms to let the sales go through.  And gun shops are the scapegoats getting blamed for the flow of guns to Mexico?

Actually, if the facts check out, it looks like the BATFE (and, by extension, the Eric Holder-led Justice Department) was more responsible than anyone for the recent increased illicit trade in firearms.

The article is well worth your attention.  Don't eat lunch beforehand.

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