Wednesday, April 13, 2011

British "health and safety" strikes again

Some people laughably referred to as "risk assessors" in England have proposed banning fire extinguishers in common areas of apartment buildings in that country because, unbelievably (or not, this of course being Great Britain), "they are a safety hazard".

Apparently these insane Nanny-state officials want the subjects over there to merely race for the exits while wetting their pants instead of taking the responsibility of putting out minor blazes themselves before they rage out of control.

What are those peasants supposed to do if, say, such a fire happens to be blocking the only exit of a high-rise building?  Put a kettle on and pray that firefighters aren't otherwise occupied?

"Dorset Fire and Rescue defended the move, saying: 'Obviously, in some cases, an extinguisher could come in useful but, with new building regulations, every escape route should be completely fireproof.'"

And the Titanic was unsinkable.


Bike Bubba said...

Former workers at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company were unavailable for comment......

Minor grammar correction; it should be "some people laughably...." not "laughingly".

Douglas Hester said...

Thanks, Bert. Fixed it.