Saturday, April 16, 2011

Consider it a sacrifice fly for your benefit

Former baseball star Barry Bonds was convicted this week in federal court on a charge of obstruction of justice, not for using steroids or even for lying about using steroids but merely for giving an "evasive and rambling" answer (whatever that means) to a grand jury in response to a question from prosecutors.

(It's frightening to consider how many millions of dollars of peasant-supplied tax money were used to obtain this milestone verdict.)
Regardless of Mr. Bonds's guilt or innocence (we personally believe he was using more juice than the local smoothie place), please learn from his experience and those of others such as Martha Stewart and use your right to stay silent when being questioned in such surroundings. 

Prosecutors are pretty much free to indict whomever they wish, and there usually aren't too many things anyone can do about that circumstance.  One doesn't, however, have to be foolish enough to supply them with anything more to work with.


RoxAnn said...

Were you an attorney in another life? :)

Anonymous said...

Don't talk to the police. Don't talk to the feds. Don't say a single word. Everything you say WILL be used against you, whether you are charged with a real crime or not.