Monday, April 18, 2011

The terrorist problem must be under control

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The FBI has seized the domains of three legitimate online poker sites, even though they are headquartered and operated overseas (Ireland, in the case of FullTiltPoker) and thus presumably not subject to the patently unenforceable 2006 law making it illegal for Americans to gamble online.

Well, we'll certainly sleep better knowing that Grandma or Uncle Ted can't wager a few bucks on a couple of hands of Texas Hold 'Em before bed this evening.

We do not choose to gamble ourselves (other than the occasional ten-spot in a slot machine when we find ourselves bored in Vegas), but we fail to see the harm in letting people decide what to do with their own money, particularly when it comes to a game that is much more about skill than chance.

When will our government finally learn from its wasted efforts on Prohibition, the War on Drugs and failed crackdowns on various forms of pornography that it simply will never be able to impose its own version of morality on a free people?

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