Monday, June 20, 2011

That sure settles the issue

One of Dear Leader's core constituencies has once again been merrily thrown under the bus:

"At today's briefing, Jay Carney again clarifies that another aide was mistaken to claim that Obama did not sign a questionnaire supporting same-sex marriage.

Obama has been 'very clear that his position is evolving.'(emphasis ours)

Yeah, that kind of mealy-mouthed pap will go a long way towards pacifying the justifiably growing very angry gay community, which like so many other voting blocs has been waiting for close to three years for their turn to be "taken care of" by the man they helped put into the Oval Office after he made all of those flowery promises to them.

We hope they're not in some kind of hurry or anything, because it looks like Obama's "evolution" on the issue is proceeding at about the same pace as species evolution.

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