Friday, July 01, 2011

Dying? Suffer

Great Britain's National Health Service, the utterly bankrupt and completely mismanaged government-mandated health care scheme that Dear Leader and many liberal Democrats in Congress wish us here in America to ultimately emulate, has as many as 100,000 terminally ill people on its rolls who aren't getting the palliative care they desperately need:

"Meanwhile, 97% of hospices do not receive all the funding they need for the NHS services they provide, and some patients are victims of "rationing" towards the end of the NHS financial year."

Translation - these people simply die in agony because there's no money left to give them proper pain control, nursing care and other necessary end-of-life services.

Hmm.  "Rationing".  Seems like that word has come up before, only to have Obamacare supporters pooh-pooh away as ludicrous the inevitable result of imposing a single-payer health system.  Try doing the same thing to these suffering Brits and see if they think the concept is so far-fetched.

We just can't wait for this kind of top-notch medical care to become the U.S. standard as well.  


Anonymous said...

It seems to me you were cherry picking this article for what you wanted to see. Have you noticed that they were trying to fix the problem and see how more people could be cared for at home with less cost to the state and more comfort to the individual? Did you see how they place people before profit? Did you also see how NO ONE in the comment section that weren't from the American Tea Party wanted to have a more American privatized way of doing it? No one was saying America's right let's do it that way! Except scared Americans. Sure no system is perfect however for you to say there is no kind of rationing of care with the American system is disingenuous it is just done in a different way that shuts more people out.

Douglas Hester said...


They've had since 1948 to "fix" the problems in the system and yet it gets worse all the time over there. Every few months new recommendations for "urgent reforms" are announced by some expert or another, which are then promptly never enacted due to chronic underfunding, causing the rationing (a direct quote) that we are told doesn't occur under single-payer.

You'll have to excuse me for not believing they'll clean things up this time either.

Chris Mallory said...

The only people in America who seem to be clamoring for this are those people who are healthy. I have MS, in talking to others with the disease, "single payer",to put it bluntly, scares the shit out of us. We know our standard of care will go down. We know that the hours and hours we spend in the doctor's office/hospital/testing center will get longer and longer. That is if we are even able to get an appointment scheduled. The Euro's can keep the mess.

Bike Bubba said...

Sophia, they said they are trying. Meanwhile, in the United States, we're largely succeeding without their system. See the difference? At a certain point, results count.

Bike Bubba said...

By the way, I'm saying this as someone who spent three days with my mother as she died of colon cancer. Suffice it to say that my step-father made **** sure that her needs were being met, as did her son, and we would NOT have been happy if her needs had been accomidated in "government time."