Friday, July 01, 2011

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 55

Because there aren't nearly enough professional, service-oriented and informative police officers around who consider it their duty to sensibly notify the people they swore to serve and protect about the very real dangers lurking in their own communities, which would then allow those residents to make informed decisions about which areas are safe for them to visit.

Case in point - veteran St. Petersburg, Florida police officer Thad "Stu" Crisco is being investigated by his department and could be suspended for telling a local resident the truth about a local hangout "making disparaging comments against the city":

"[Crisco] allegedly warned St. Petersburg father Bob Esposito about letting his 16-year-old daughter hang around the Northshore Pool at night. Esposito's daughter was one of five teens robbed by a group of armed men there about 10:30 p.m. on a recent weeknight."

Gee whiz, a well-meaning officer warning a concerned father to not permit his daughter to loiter around somewhere very dangerous.  What's wrong with that?  Sounds like Crisco (who has a sparkling record, according to the story) was merely doing his job.  Mayor Bill "Nothing Wrong Here" Foster disagrees:

"'I always want to know my officers are representing this city in a very positive light,' Foster said."

Which apparently includes purposely allowing residents to remain blissfully clueless about which parts of their community are provably dangerous.  What an incredible disservice to your constituents, Mayor.

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Bike Bubba said...

God forbid that a peace officer would help people avoid trouble, I guess. And of course, the article is hilarious in noting that the mayor will not tout statistics "No, because we have too many victims."

In other words, he did EXACTLY what the officer is accused of doing, and that not privately to a citizen, but in front of a TV camera.