Friday, June 22, 2012

Today's TASER Travesty

At least one Peru, Indiana police officer is currently on administrative leave after an incident in which a 64-year-old man with end-stage Alzheimer's disease residing in a locked nursing home was TASED three times by cops for not following their barked orders, which the patient most likely didn't understand anyway since according to his wife he's not even comprehending at a two-year-old's level:

"Three Peru officers and a Dukes EMS unit arrived at Miller’s Merry Manor Nursing Home just before 6 a.m. Sunday after staff reported resident James Howard was combative and struck several employees."

Of course Mr. Howard's bad behavior had to be addressed, but you're telling us three strapping officers and (presumably) two paramedics couldn't get control of a sick old man without shocking him into oblivion? 

We once again point out that the TASER is designed to be a "less-than-lethal" defensive weapon, not a consequence-free pain compliance tool for lazy cops to use when they don't feel like doing their jobs properly.

The local chief is asking for patience while the incident is "investigated".  We hope he wraps things up quickly and metes out discipline where it's due.

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Ken Hood said...

Thanks for being back as a watcher of our civil liberties. I have been grinning all day.