Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Jack-Booted Thug(s) of the Week...

... are the Alaska State Troopers who arrested an intoxicated man for DUI last Sunday because he was observed floating down the Chena River on an inflatable raft.

Why?  He obviously wasn't going to hurt anything or anyone, except maybe himself by falling out of his toy.  A drunk in public charge might possibly be warranted but a DUI, with all its serious repercussions? 

Please.  If floating under the influence rates that kind of serious charge then we know hundreds of people right this very minute on the Salt River in Phoenix and the Apple River in Wisconsin who are guilty as heck.  The cops in those places better get out there posthaste to put a halt to that societal scourge.

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Chunkstyle said...

It would be a good bust in MN, too... IF the boat had a motor.