Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why I Carry a Handgun for Protection, Vol. 62

Because in the city in which we reside the supposed good guys can sometimes actually turn out to be the bad guys.

Detectives with the Arizona Department of Public Safety have concluded that not only did some law-enforcement officer members of the wannabe biker gang motorcycle club the Iron Brotherhood assault a 23-year-old man in a Prescott bar last December 22, breaking his nose among other injuries, the heroic first responders then told massive whoppers about exactly what happened:

"The DPS report notes that numerous members of the club made statements that were contradicted by videotape, other evidence and civilian witnesses."

The victim's transgression?  He asked the club's president some questions about the patches on his vest.  This apparently angered sergeant-at-arms and Phoenix "officer" Eric "Guido" Amato, who then decided to administer a little attitude adjustment.

Naturally, once other cops showed up to investigate the incident the blue wall of silence immediately went up, as found out by a parallel investigation:

"A separate administrative review conducted by a Coconino County sheriff’s commander and released Thursday by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office concluded that at least two Yavapai County sheriff’s deputies — [William] Suttle and Capt. Marc Schmidt — hindered investigators by lying and withholding information."

Open and shut, right?  Nope.  DPS, despite their findings, has declined to recommend criminal charges against any of the goons but instead merely identified some "potential criminal allegations" against several members of the club including assault, disorderly conduct, obstruction and false reporting. 

"Officer" Amato is under a separate internal affairs probe by the Phoenix PD but unbelievably is still out on the street in the South Mountain Precinct as a, get this, "Community Action Officer" (no doubt serving and protecting by educating the citizens about such serious threats as criminal motorcycle gang members). 

Two of the cops at least had the integrity to resign their positions, according to the story, but all of them remain uncharged and unsanctioned to date, almost five months later.

If any other biker gang had engaged in this conduct they would have been long ago jailed and criminally charged.  We already know the answer but we'll ask the question anyway - what's taking so long in this case?

"The Iron Brotherhood claims on its website to be a fraternity of motorcycle-riding law officers who do not associate with criminals."

Not exactly true, because at least some of them apparently are criminals.

We reserve our right to protect ourselves against an unprovoked criminal assault from anyone, whether they wear a badge for a living or not.


Anonymous said...

He fits right into Maricopa law enforcement considering the "sheriff" himself has some questionable acts on his work record.

Bike Bubba said...

I'm thankful there was video. Hopefully these guys will be "looking for other opportunities" soon.

On the flip side, what on earth are police officers doing by emulating a motorcycle club? It just seems like begging for trouble.