Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why I Carry a Handgun for Protection, Vol. 63

So that if we happen to be attacked by a pack of at least 15 stray dogs in broad daylight, as a 52-year-old lady was in Houston on Monday morning, we will have at least a fighting chance of defending ourselves.

Maria Arcos, in addition to being severely mauled, suffered a heart attack during the incident and it is unclear right now whether she is going to survive.

Once again, anti-gun activists, situations such as this one are exactly why normal-capacity magazines of 15 to 17 rounds in handguns, or more in rifles, can make all the difference in the outcome of a crisis. Why should a law-abiding citizen have to suffer grievous wounds from multiple attackers because their firearm was artificially limited to 10 rounds or fewer?

By the way, Houston residents, according to the story animal control has only managed to capture 5 of the dogs so far, which means at least 10 feral canines are still out there roaming your city's streets.  Prepare accordingly.


Bike Bubba said...

Now come on, Doug. Not only should large capacity magazines be banned, but the woman should have been required to retreat before those 15 dogs. Can you what could have happened if she'd been allowed to defend herself? PETA would have been apoplectic!

Seriously, well said. I joke that my dogs all know that if they hurt someone I care about a little, I'll give them a beating they'll never forget. And if they hurt someone I love a lot, I'll give them a beating they'll never remember.

Bike Bubba said...

One other thought; given the problems with packs of dogs, maybe it's time for animal control to shoot on sight in certain circumstances. More than five dogs acting aggressively, you take out the leader. More than ten, you take them all out.